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Single 1:1 Coaching Session

The one thing I tell people when they ask me "how did you get over your ex?" is that understanding your situation and finding the key elements you should focus on to begin healing is crucial to ensuring you not only recover from a breakup, but that the breakup process is done CORRECTLY! 


There's a wrong way to heal? Yep, absoluuuutely! 


So many people miss these critical steps particularly in the early stages of a breakup. Having been in a 'rollercoaster' type relationship for years, it was obvious to me that I clearly (🙄) wasn't doing this breakup thing correctly...otherwise I wouldn't keep going back to what was bad for me AND actually healing and moving on. For reals! 


But to ensure you don't waste time, it's super important you focus on things that will help you recover from the pain, move on and let go, help you re-connect with yourself and develop new values and standards that will help keep those undesirables stay away in future. Otherwise, what lead you to this relationship or what might hinder the next, will always remain.


So, here's what we'll cover in our session:


* Identifying the issues that are currently holding you back 

* Identifying what areas you should focus on to get the most out of your healing


Don't wait another day to begin changing your life and FINALLY healing from your pain. Sometimes, it takes hearing a one piece of information that can totally change your perspective on your situation. Believe me, the day I heard "you can love your ex AND still move on" was the day I realised I had viewed love and relationships in the wrong way (if I love him, that MUST mean we're meant to be together, this means I need to FIGHT to keep him! Wrong! 😩). You don't know what you don't know, right? (Dr. Phil said that 🤗). 


Let's do this! Let's get you focusing on what will realistically help you heal and move on. Over the next week you'll have 24/7 contact with me to support you.

I look forward to our session 😌


Cancellation Policy




- 24 hours before appointment date

- Subject to Coach availability




- Wherever possible 24 hours notice

- No cancellation fee

- No refund for change of mind


This package includes

- 1 x 60 min appointment

- 1 week of 24/7 email contact 

- 1:1 coaching sessions for women only

Sessions can be conducted via Zoom or phone call.

Read terms and conditions prior to purchase.

Other options

- Weekday rate $150 (after 5pm)

- Weekend rate $200

- Subject to coach's availability

- Upfront payment required

*Payment plan option available


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