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all about breakup coaching

Breakups SUCK, there's no simpler way of putting it!

My passion lies in helping women get through a breakup through rediscovering themselves. I've been there, and I know it's a tough process, but I'm here every step of the way to help you get through this breakup and on your way to healthy healing. But it doesn't stop there, I'm also here to help you to become a better version of yourself AFTER the healing is done!

"It’s not just about moving on from your ex, it’s also about what happens next."

A little about me

I realised that healing after a breakup is a massive undertaking, bigger than most people realise.

Bigger than I ever expected.
Healing can be a tough, confusing and overwhelming process, and just knowing where to

begin can be just as overwhelming.

Healing is multifaceted, there are many aspects to healing including past traumas, lack of values/standards/boundaries, an unrealistic view of love and relationships, low self-esteem, issues with attachment, codependency or self-love. All of which you may not even realise you have.

You just need some help to organise and figure it all out! This is why I'm here ❤️

A little about my coaching

> My coaching is aimed at getting to know you and getting to the bottom

of what issues are holding you back.
I'm all about getting real and honest, but I'm here for you, supporting you every step of the way to become a better versio
n of yourself. Because you deserve the best! <

> My signature exercises and strategies are proven to help you get through your breakup <


What you will get out of my coaching:

> help you identify the issues holding you back
> r
ecognising issues that are resulting in choosing the wrong partner & staying in toxic relationships
> working on self-love and motivation
developing the best course of action for you to heal
> tailored support that works for you
> zoom, phone and email access 24/7 (because healing doesn't stop after 5pm!)

Trust the process!

Here are some results my clients have achieved working with me:

> understanding the various stages of a breakup, healing & after healing

> effective strategies & exercises that help manage emotions after a breakup 

> letting go of negative emotions (anger, sadness) and learning how to turn them into a strength

> learning how to focus on reality rather than focusing on memories and "what if's"

> discovering honest feelings about themselves & their life

> understanding patterns of behaviour & why they exist

> helping them to see things from a different perspective

> changing the way they see and do things


> identifying issues with self-love &
self-esteem & how this affects all of their relationships

> learning who they are at their core and establishing values, standards and boundaries that are true to them

> learning to accept a breakup & how to effectively move on

> learning how to self-parent & rationalise negative thoughts

> changing their focus from the ex to you

> helping them to understand why the relationship didn't work and why it wouldn't work in the future

> be at peace with their breakup

> recognise the transition phases that occur throughout the breakup process

> looking forward to & having positive views of the future

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Single session | 1 hr | 1:1 Breakup Coaching | $100

Looking to heal from a breakup but you don’t know where to start? Ladies, you’ve come to the right coach!

In this session we will uncover the issues you are currently facing and developing key strategies to get you on track to healing.


Payment plan available


4 sessions | 1 hr | 1:1 Breakup Coaching | $600

Let's get real, honest and get you back up on your feet! There is a lot to get through, but after our sessions are done, you will leave feeling less burdened by your breakup, more positive about your situation and life general and with a toolbox filled with strategies and exercises to help you on your healing journey.

Whether it's to begin your coaching journey or to facilitate our previous sessions, this coaching package provides you with 4 weekly coaching sessions tailored around your areas of concern.

Limited spots available.

Payment plan available

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Not sure coaching is for you?
Try one of my challenges instead!

5 Days Breakup Challenge

Learn how to overcome breakup challenges that keep you stuck.
If you don’t know where to start, start right here!


In this 5 day challenge you will:

> navigate & overcome key breakup challenges
> challenge your mindset

> no fluff, easy to understand content
> proven strategies & exercises 

> steps to healthily get over your ex
> includes exercise workbook

> includes daily instructional videos (you ain't doin' this alone!)

> daily motivation

> my personal tips and experiences
> EXCLUSIVE access to the Spaces by Wix app

 "Using proven effective strategies and exercises I have personally used on my journey to healing as well as with my clients." Vanessa

5 Days Breakup Challenge


> 23 strategies and exercises included
> Access ebook on any device
Over 30 pages of information to guide you
> Includes access code to my Spaces app
Interested in the ebook version?
I got you!
You can now purchase the complete

 5 Days Breakup Challenge Ebook.
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Interested in getting support but these options don't work for you?

Check out my

Unapologetically Moving On program.

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