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Self-love Exercise: How to become authentic and love yourself!

Self-love Exercise: How to become authentic and love yourself!

Do you struggle to know who you really are? Do you often find yourself existing for the sake of others? Do you struggle to be on you own?


This exercise is designed to help you look inward and realise what makes you happy, what gives you purpose in this life. To come to a realisation about who you truly are and learning to love that about yourself.


Sometimes we get so caught up in people-pleasing that we tend to create a persona for ourselves based on what others think or want.


What happens over time is, we lose the sense of who we are. What we stand for. We become on the outside what we hope others want to see, but inside we start to become empty and lost. We begin to have battles between ‘what I want’ and ‘what I should do to please them’. 


It’s time to become the person you want to be, the person you can live with, the person you don’t have to put any effort into being every day because it’s who you authentically are! You have every right to be you, be proud of it and know that anyone who has a problem with you being content and doing you, isn’t someone who is on your team!


Vanessa xx

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