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Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Goal setting: Personal growth, healthy distraction & organisation: The key to making sure your healing journey has a purpose.


Breakups are hard enough than to have to figure your life out at the same time and ensure you are keeping yourself alive!


Goal setting ensures you are on the right track, taking care of yourself and moving forward without having to think to hard about it, because the work is already done!


Goal setting has many benefits, but when it comes to healing after a breakup, having meaningful goals can help alleviate the chaos and confusion. 


When managed correctly, goal setting enables you to establish personal growth as you work towards bettering yourself now and in the future. 


Having goals and action plans in place are going to take the hard work out of figuring out what you're meant to do everyday, especially when all you want to do is lie in bed or eat lots of junk food for weeks on end! 


The good news is, goal setting doesn’t have to be a daunting task! Goal setting is all about personal growth, this is a useful way to determine what it is you want and need now, as well as for the future. It's about the fixing, the reconnecting and the development of ourselves.


Studies have shown that planning can play a positive role in our mental health and overall ability to cope with daily life.


Once you have some goals in place, you have the abilty to organise your life to have meaning and purpose, to give you confidence to get up every morning to work towards something, rather than feeling like there is nothing to look forward to.


In this process, you are activitly telling your brain "I have a life outside of this relationship with this person, this person does not define who I am or the countless possibilities for a new life".


Life doesnt end here!

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