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5 Days Challenge Workbook

5 Days Challenge Workbook

My signature 5-days challenge will help you kick start your moving on process! - Ebook version


Learn how to overcome breakup challenges that keep you stuck.

If you don’t know where to start, start right here!

"Using proven effective strategies and exercises I have personally used on my journey to healing as well as with my clients." Vanessa

In this 5 day challenge you will:


> challenge your mindset

> no fluff, easy to understand content & implement strategies/exercises 

> steps to healthily get over your ex

> includes daily videos

> daily exercise challenge

> access to my Spaces by Wix app (free)

> includes 5 days challenge workbook (exercises included + video content)

> my personal tips and experiences


Day 1 > let’s get real (about your relationship)
One of the biggest hurdles to overcome during a breakup is to get real and honest about your relationship. It's one of the key factors in processing emotions and letting go, particularly for those with strong attachments to their ex.
In this module you will learn the skills to be able to analyse your relationship, your partner, and yourself in order to accepting the relationship for what it is and start moving on.

Day 2 > acceptance
Accepting the relationship is over is hard. Without this step, healing and moving on cannot, and will not happen. In this module you will learn strategies that will help you accept the relationship is over and how to look forward to your future.

Day 3 > cut contact
Sounds easy and simple enough. By far one of the hardest but one of the most effective ways to get on the path to moving on from your ex. This is especially difficult for those in long-term relationships or those who have attachment issues. In this module you will learn how to discipline yourself when it comes to the time you desperately want to contact them...coz it's going to come!

Day 4 > goals
In the midst of your pain, we forget about us. Our health. The rest of our lives. It's important that you don't forget you and continue to build on your progress as a woman while you are dealing with your breakup. However, sometimes it's hard to know what goals to have when you don't know what your future looks like anymore. In this module you will learn how to focus on the now and look to the future by developing meaningful goals & plans for you.

Day 5 > setting boundaries

Breakups are a vulnerable time and it's a time when many discover that they were allowing many of their boundaries to be crossed in their toxic relationship. In this module you will learn how to identify and articulate your boundaries to others, including non-romantic relationships.

Challenge yourself and do the five day challenge!

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