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100 questions to ask yourself after a breakup

100 questions to ask yourself after a breakup

Hello fellow healer!


I designed this exercise as a starting point. Oftentimes after a breakup you don't know what to do or what to focus on. It can be overwhelming to try and sort out the many thoughts running through your mind and the many emotions that follow.


The aim of this questionnaire is to identify key factors in your life that either contributed to or was the result of an unhealthy relationship, and to begin uncovering personal issues within yourself.


With deep reflection, you can begin to see where the issues lie and where your focus should be, to optimise your healing.


Sometimes, a realisation you gain stemming from a question can be enough to spark clarity or create a shift in your mind/heart that allows you to start making changes in your life. 


More importantly, accept your relationship is over, heal and move on from your ex.


I have formulated these questions into 6 categories; the breakup, the emotions, mindset, compatibility, the relationship and all about you. 


This isn't a task you do in one day, but with time you will begin to uncover a lot of things that needed to be brought forward.


"You can't fix what you don't know needs fixing"


So go and grab a journal, find a quiet place and get started!

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