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Redefining the way you look at breakups and healing

When I first started my coaching business, I was certain of two things; I want to help women and I want to make a difference. There is literally a tonne of information out there on 'how to move on' and 'women's self-empowerment', but I never felt as though I really came across anything that gave me the whole picture. Bits and pieces, and a looooot of stuff that wasn't relevant to me. I needed a step by step, what to do, how to do it and everything in between.

The healing process after a breakup is such a massive topic that it extends into other areas of life such as self-love and relationships with others, and without it there can be no real healing. What I came to realise through my breakup is that the breakup itself was only the beginning of my journey to healing. I quickly realised what I had learnt wasn't the whole picture, that is when I came across the 'transition phases'.

Oh yes, the breakup is not the end of it my friend!

In the midst of all this worldwide information on healing after a breakup, not once did I come across anyone discussing the transition phases you go through. I for one, found these to be the hardest to navigate. The first obviously being the transition from being in the relationship to not being with this person. There is plenty of info on this. Along the way though, I encountered many more transitions and with each phase came new lessons and new opportunities for me to elevate myself. I soon realised that my breakup had more to do with me than it ever had to do with him or our relationship 🤯

This is where the self-love component of the healing process comes into play. A major component that I had not realised was actually going to affect change in my life, not the breakup itself. And so here I am today, bringing my wealth of knowledge and experience to inspire women to overcome their breakup and empower their sense of self.

Join me as we get real and deep dive into all things breakup, healing, self-love and women's empowerment!

Feel free to comment and ask questions, if there is a topic you would like me to discuss or create a program send me a message.

Yours in healing, Vanessa xx


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