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Breakup & Healing Program

The support you need!

It's all about getting real & raw

Breakups are universal, however you just don't hear much about the healing process AT ALL 🤯

✅ If you don't know how to cope with your breakup, if you need advice, if you want some practical tips on how to move on, this subscription is for you!

✅ No pressure, you do what works best for you

✅ Practical exercises and strategies to do at your own pace

✅ Discussing a range of breakup, relationship, healing and self-love topics in depth

Scroll down to learn more 👇🏼

Using my 4 phases to approach to healing, I designed this program to help you through the MANY stages you will go through in your healing journey.








Do you find yourself saying, "I don't know how to move past a bad breakup?"

✨ How do I handle the overwhelming emotions?

✨ How do I accept this relationship is over?
✨ What is really holding me back from moving on?

✨ How do I detach from my ex and the memories?

✨ How do I stop myself from thinking of them?

✨ Can we ever get back together?

✨ What if this changes me?

✨ Is the reason I'm struggling because of past trauma?
✨ I'm still in love, how can I possibly move on with my life? 

✨ I just don't know what I'm supposed to do next?

The reality is, not everyone knows how to move on or how best to do it.

🛑 1:1 coaching isn’t for everyone, neither are courses that seem to take forever to get to any point that will ACTUALLY help you? 🛑

 Maybe you’re like me; I wasn’t a fan either!

And it's not because I thought that 1:1 coaching didn't have any value, it ABSOLUTELY does, I'm more of a straight-to-the-point kinda gal 🤓, an independent learner who loves having the flexibility to do something whenever I want! 

Plus, I needed answers on how to move on, NOW.


I also worked full-time as a Kindergarten teacher, so it was very difficult to find time (and energy) to commit to a coach (or having time to complete tasks before the next session 😫).

Maybe you’re too busy with life

Maybe you don’t have time to attend appointments

Maybe you don't have an interest in seeing a coach

Maybe your finances can’t cater for consistent and costly coaching sessions

Maybe you're unsure about whether 1:1 coaching is right for you

Maybe 1:1 coaching makes you nervous

Maybe you prefer to do things solo

Maybe you're just curious on how to better yourself

I TOTALLY get it.

These are all valid reasons. And let’s face it, healing after a breakup takes a lot of work

and more often than not, a significant amount of time, so investing in a long-term coach might not be for everyone - or at least be part of the solution.


This is especially true if your breakup was devastating and soul crushing. There are so many elements that encompass managing a breakup and healing, that it would take many individual 1:1 coaching sessions and programs to cover them all.

That's just not realistic in today's world.

This is why I dedicated months creating my "Unapologetically Moving On"  program to eliminate all of these problems for you. I designed this program to give you access to life changing information that I have successfully used with my own clients, during my own breakup and healing journey and through countless conversations with others, that will help you accept your relationship is over and get you on your way to healing, being a better version of yourself and finding peace 🕊

It's like having a coaching session, every single week! PLUS…it’s cheaper 🥳

Is this program really worth it though? 🤔


Let me ask you this...

Isn't it time that you started to heal and move on?

My Unapologetically Moving On program will give you the knowledge and tools you will need in order to get there.

✨ Do you find it difficult to face your breakup?

✨ Nothing has been working so far?

✨ Are you tired of not being able to let your ex go?

✨ Are you concerned with how much you think about your ex?

✨ Do you struggle with controlling your negative or irrational thoughts?

 ✨ Are the memories and hope keeping you stuck?

✨ Are you always wondering 'but what if...'?

✨ Are you struggling to trust others and yourself?

✨ Do you struggle to make sense of your feelings and your thoughts?

✨ Are you terrified of being alone?
✨ Do you feel worthless if you can't find a partner?

✨ Are other areas of your life being affected?

✨ Are you feeling confused about life and where to next?

✨ Do you feel you have lost yourself by being in this relationship?

✨ Have you ever truly been your most authentic self?

These thoughts and emotions can be incredibly debilitating if they're not dealt with.

This hit me most when i went through my breakup. No one to give me constructive advice.

Nor was it very comfortable divulging such personal thoughts and feelings.

Let's face it, people telling you "you will get over it", "time heals all wounds" and "in time you will find someone else", has got to be the most annoying piece of advice to ever have been given! (as well meaning as it was).

Then, your family and friends simply move on, but you're still hurting. This makes you feel worse, like you should have moved on already.

What you might not realise is that a breakup is complex, with many layers and contributing factors that we might not have considered before.

❌ Many people don't do this breakup thing RIGHT!

🔥 Ignoring the pain which will come back and haunt you later
🔥 Unable to manage negative thoughts and emotions

🔥 You think that you're moving on when in reality, you're not facing the issues that lead you to this type of relationship in the first place
🔥 You avoid facing the reality of your relationship

🔥 You're engaging in unhealthy or practices that are not meaningful to your

health/personal growth

🔥 Struggling to admit that you lack the ability to cope and move on

🔥 You're in denial about how much culture, tradition, society impacts who you are and the decisions you make

So, is it worth it? HELL YEAH! You have nothing to loose and EVERYTHING to gain! 😊


This isn't just about getting over your ex. My coaching is centred around using your experiences to learn about yourself, how to utilise these in making meaningful changes in your life and becoming an authentic and unapologetic version of yourself (being you, for YOU!).



My coaching is NOT about getting ready for the next relationship.


When healing is done correctly, getting to that 'transformation' stage will ensure you are not only ready to find someone new but have a better outcome in your next relationship! 

The purpose of this program is to heal, grow and be prepared for the next stage of life.


What this program will do for you

💡 Help you to begin to move on from your ex

💡 Managing your breakup emotions

💡 Learn how to decipher your emotions and use them in your healing

💡 Accepting your relationship is over

💡 Recognising what made you choose your partner

💡 Recognising what made you stay in a toxic relationship

💡 Understanding why you are finding it difficult to let go

💡 Learn proven effective ways to detach from your ex

💡 Easy to use and understand
💡 Detailed explanations on how to implement strategies and complete exercises
💡 Learning about love (healthy vs unhealthy love)

💡 Rediscovering who you are and learning how to self-love and self-care
💡 Understanding love in relation to life and experiences that shape us and help us grow

💡 Being at peace with yourself, your life, the past and the future

Benefits of this program

⭐️ Using my 4 phases approach; explore a range of breakup and healing topics in depth
⭐️ Get access to a mixture of written, oral, visual content
⭐️ Get access to all worksheets, exercises, files, ebooks I use with my clients that have helped them in their healing journey 🙌🏻🥳

⭐️ Step by step videos on how to do exercises and worksheets

⭐️ Self-paced: start at the beginning or choose specific topics relevant to you

⭐️ Every leaning module is online ready for you 24/7

⭐️ Member discounts on 1:1 coaching and any future programs, courses and products

Who this program is for

✅ If you have gone through a tough breakup

✅ Suitable for those who just need general advice & support after a breakup

✅ If you still have feelings for your ex

✅ If you struggle to let go & move on

✅ It's taking you a long time to heal and move on
✅ If you're struggling in new relationships due to past relationships

✅ If you're struggling with self-love and self-esteem

✅ Discovering past traumas & how they affect your relationships

✅ If you struggle with relationship pressure from society, culture, family traditions


Screen Shot 2023-10-02 at 10.19.21 pm.png

Learn more about my 4 phases approach to healing

This program covers a range

of breakup and
healing topics


The Breakup

In this module we will discuss all things relating to the breakup itself including all the mental and emotional goings on during this time as well as how to accept the breakup.



In this module you will learn what it ACTUALLY is, what impact it has on your life (how it affects who you are and how you make life choices) and how best to do it.



In this module you will learn how to do it well to optimise your happiness and life.



This module bring it back to you. Regularly checking in so that you are holding yourself accountable for your healing and actions.



In this module I will be providing you with regular motivational tools you can implement to stay positive, keep motivated and on track.



In this module we explore what we think of ourselves and why, how we talk to ourselves, where this habit comes from and how to change it.


Tips & Strategies

In this module, learning from others is a great way to gain a new perspective on what’s best to do (or what has helped most) and how best to do it.



In this module you will learn some facts, whether it be about how your brain works and the role it plays in your relationships and decision-making abilities or getting an insight into what psychology says about love and breakups (and how to heal in a healthy way!)



What it really looks like (the good, the bad and the ugly). This module is a kind and gentle approach to my coaching. Learning to see the positives and lessons you will learn as you go through different aspects of your healing and recovery.

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