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Reimagining my current Unapologetically Moving On program so that it better caters to your breakup needs.

Based on my 4 phases approach to healing, this program will allow you to explore a range of different topics based on the current 'phase' of your breakup.

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Everything you need to help you on your breakup and healing journey!



From the minute I turned on my camera, I was greeted by such a friendly and warm smile, it felt like I was meeting a friend! I was quite nervous about the session, but Vanessa really made me feel at ease and beared with me so patiently, as I took my time with my answers and expression. It felt like a safe place where I could be vulnerable and not be judged or belittled. The questions she asked me made me reflect, and gave me a perspective that I did not think of before. I feel a lot more motivated and walked away from the session with tools and strategies that I can utilise in my day to day life, to slowly but surely, heal from this heartbreak. I definitely feel like I have lot to reflect on and I feel like I can be a bit more organised with processing my emotions.
Another thing I really liked about my session was how Vanessa personalised her advice and coaching for my situation perfectly - it did not feel like a scripted coaching session, it was natural and the goals she set for me were realistic and achievable - much like a personal trainer but for your mental health! Througout my session I felt heard and there were definitely things I needed to hear that were hard but

Vanessa is a professional and just the coach I need. :)



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